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  • Retail Classic 80mm Thermal POS Printer LT-U80300I
Retail Classic 80mm Thermal POS Printer LT-U80300I

Retail Classic 80mm Thermal POS Printer LT-U80300I

  • Model:LT-U80300I
  • Print method:Direct Thermal
  • Print Speed:300mm/s
  • Print width:64/72mm
  • Product description: Retail Classic 80mm Thermal POS Printer LT-U80300I is from CDHlighting which is a Professional Label Printer,Receipt Printer,Portable Printer,Barcode Scanner,PDA,POS Handheld Terminal,Lithium Battery 

Retail Classic 80mm Thermal POS Printer LT-U80300I

Support 2D Barcode Printing

Integration of mechanism and cutter

300mm/sec ultra high speed

1.Key Features:

1)Compatible with ESC/POS and Star commands
2)Waterproof,oil-proof,dust-proof structure
3)Kitchen printing and network printing supported
4)Network status monitoring,multilink printing supported
5)OPOS driver supported
6)Printer authentication and software bundle
7)High speed driver printing mode,serial port speed is 66% faster
8)Auto print recovering when network disconnected
9)Virtual serial port for USB connection,USB port supports OPOS application
10)100MB network interface card makes the connection and print much faster,stop receipts misprinting.


1)Print Method Direct Thermal Line
2)Print Width 64/72mm
3)Dot Density 512dot/line or 576dot/line
4)Print Speed 300mm/s
5)Interface Serial+USB+Ethernet,Parallel+USB
6)Paper Diameter: 83mm
7)Line Space 3.75mm(can be adjusted by sending commands)
8)Fronts GB18030
9)Data 128K bytes
10)NV Flash 256K bytes
11)Casher Out DC 24V/1A
12)Power Supply DC 24V/2A
13)Power Adaptor Input:AC 110v/220v,50-60Hz   Output:DC 24V/2A
14)N.W Approx.1.25KG
15)Dimension 140x175x137mm(WxLxH)
16)Reliability Mechanism:150KM
17)Feature:Wall mount: Support


1)Financial instrument
2)On-site law enforcement documents of government departments, such as traffic police tickets, urban management, company on-site law enforcement documents, etc.
3)Financial industry, banking business process, credit card transaction voucher, bank statement, settlement list
4)Utility, payment notice or invoice.
5)Logistics express bill, settlement list, etc
6)Retail and service consumption list, supermarket, convenience store, hotel print consumption list
7)All kinds of transportation vouchers, train tickets, plane tickets, boarding passes, bus tickets, etc
8)Print all kinds of reports, flow sheets, detailed lists, daily reports, monthly reports etc.

4.Popular Interfaces:


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